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Kitchens and Baths

A well designed kitchen area is the hearth of a home. Seitz kitchen remodels are easy on the eye, inviting and filled with the latest in kitchen appliances and technology for you to entertain and provide for your family in a space that suits your needs. No longer is the kitchen designed only for eating, today families use the kitchen for the kid’s homework, a work project on the laptop, watching tv while dining and cooking for guests and the family. We can offer stunning new cabinets and countertops in quality material. Allow the professionals at Seitz Remodeling to implement a remodeled design service that provides function for all the many uses of the modern day kitchen space.

  • Custom Tile Work
  • New Vanaties
  • Sink, Tub and Shower Installation
  • Custom Tile Work
  • Cabinet Installation
  • Counter-Top Installation
Custom Trim & Tile Work
At Seitz Remodeling, our goal is to provide our homeowners and contractors quality tile and professional custom tile installation. We will provide you with expert service in creating a custom tile design and placement that is above standard in the industry. You will not be disappointed with the custom artwork our seasoned professionals present during your consultation. We can provide you the best tile brands including major distributor’s lines. We offer designer tile styles from porcelain, ceramic and marble and we can also provide you with more affordable consumer brands. Whether we’re remodeling bathrooms with granite custom trim and tile work, carpet trim or kitchen tile work, Seitz Remodeling is here for you. We also can install custom trimming for the exterior and interior. Seitz Remodeler’s are capable of redesigning your home tile work to make your house more valuable and efficient. Figuring out what you can do with your existing tile structure is as simple as going through one inspection of your home with one of our professional installers. From start to finish we will provide our expert opinion on materials and design. We will work closely with you to achieve the style and look you envision. Call us today for amazing work at great pricing.
Window and Door Installations
Setiz Remodeling is in the business of installing doors and windows in your home that will bring you the improvement you’ve been looking for. If you’d like to regulate how much of the outdoors makes its way into your home, professionally installed dual-pane windows that are properly insulated give you the improved quietness and will keep the critters away. Getting your windows replaced with a Seitz professional will get you the best window remodel for your budget. Windows remodel projects include wood replacement windows, double-glazed and exterior clad in vinyl or aluminum with wrap exterior trim.

Remodeling an existing door costs about half of the cost of replacing the door with Seitz Remodeling. Options for door remodels include custom glass crowns and triple glazed panels or beveled glass in ornate designs. As the door entrance is the first impression one makes of any home, we will provide our clients with the kind of service that makes the first impression a lasting one.

  • Entry Doors
  • French Doors
  • New Construction Windows
  •  Replacement Windows
  • Interior Doors
  •  Exterior Doors
  •  Sliding Doors
  •  Screen Door
Basements and Fencing

Seitz Remodeling home improvement company specializes in the planning, design, construction and build of quality basements and fencing in your home or commercial space. Our professional and trusted installers will build or finish the basement of your home and deliver a finished product on on schedule. Finishing your basement can include adding a bathroom, kitchen, archways or even a theatre room. We know having a space on the lower level of your property that addresses all of your needs is important. Seitz Remodelers are available to guide you through the entire planning stages and accomplish building a solution that is custom made for you. Good fences make good neighbors but it takes experienced builders to get the job done. We provide custom wooden fences to keep your yard private and provide an elegant outdoor focal point. Seitz Remodeling can provide you with a fresh new outdoor space with patios and decks as well. Had a bad experience with your previous contractor for basement or fence services? We are known for turning shoddy work into works of art. Join a long list of satisfied customers and call us to get a free estimate on a basement or fencing finish today!

  • Crown Molding
  • Closet Doors (French, Sliding, Bi-Fold, Panel)
  • Adding additional closet space
  • Painting
  • Hardwoord Flooring
  • Closet Shelving

Latest Projects

Fence Installation

Keeping your property secure is important for any homeowner.  Choosing Seitz Remodeling is the affordable and reliable source for custom Fencing Installation.

Custom Carpentry and Book shelves

When custom carpentry and creativity is critical, Seitz Remodeling is the only choice for your project.

Kitchen Backsplash & Tile Work

Tile work can be complicated and difficult for unskilled tradesmen.  When you choose Seitz Remodeling, Eric and his experienced team, your vision and Eric's ability to executed to perfection.

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